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Investigative Services

We Specialize in Covert Surveillance and are committed to providing objective evidence and dealing with sensitive issues and deal in complete confidentiality.

Investigative Services: Investigative Services

Workers Compensation-Injury Fraud Surveillance

Specializing in Surveillance. Workers Compensation Fraud, Threat Management, Domestic Surveillance, Cheating Spouse and Child Custody Surveillance Investigations as well as UAV Drone Investigations and Video.

Couple's Shadow

Domestic  Child Custody  - Cheating Spouse

Successful surveillance on a variety of domestic situations for quality client piece of mind and outcome in personal and legal settings.

Security Camera

Threat Management and Internal Theft Surveillance

We’re working hard day and night and using all our resources in order to find the information our clients need. We use the latest technology in order to provide this service for all our clients. Whether you’re an individual or an organization, give us a call to schedule a consultation and start taking advantage of our latest technology and responsible investigative tactics right away.

Drone above an Ocean

Drone Surveillance.

FAA Part 107 certified for drone operations.

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